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Your Star Blue Crew

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Meera Allen

Visionary Activator

Creator of the unique revolutionary music experience called ‘Star Blue’, Meera brings together artists with the audience in a multi-sensory show. Former host of 'Manifesting Destiny' on Bondi Beach Radio in Sydney. Meera has hosted events such as Jammbody, Red Tent Women's Circles, Art n Soul, etc Meera has a passion for sharing art in a soulful way.

Sara Moore

Earth Woman at Ocher Bee

Sara Moore is a proud Indigenous woman, who created Ocher Bee which specialises in Cultural Connection with Mother Nature. Holding yarn circles and education al groups in connecting Schools, Child care centers, aged Care homes, and community through providing cultural workshops and experiences. Sara has the ability to the read the land and forage for her own ochre and we are honoured to have her share her ceremonial ochre with us.


Chris Wilkinson

High Vibration Therapy

Chris offers practical support, relaxation sessions and men's adventure quests as well as through didjeridoo sound baths. 
Find flow in life and a daily peaceful state of awareness through Chris's sound experience.



SOLUA is an original Soulful duo Melissa Cambon and Isaac Crowley. The yin and yang of love their conscious music brings a happy vibe full of rhythm and grooves. Inspired from different cultures and genres from the French Caribbean to Brazil.

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Vladia Cobrdova

Conscious Cook + Gut Magician

Cookbook author and co founder of Jungle & Co

Vladia believes our gut and mind are closely linked, she creates plant-based meals boosted with probiotics and prebiotics are paired with ethically sourced proteins, without anything artificial added & good dollop of fats, making them the best gut healing meals!

Eddie Goodchild

Master Musician & Music Producer

Our talented producer, composer, pianist, electronic musician and sound engineer with over twenty years experience as an industry professional. Eddie's awareness and passion for live and recorded music runs deep. His mission is to help people find a deeper purpose of life through music. He is also studying the effects of music on the brain and human health.

Your Facilitators: Meet the Team
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